Hookah / Tobacco

We currently carry Starbuzz in 100G, and 250g containers.

Exotic Apple Americano
Exotic Apple Martini
Exotic Apricot
Exotic Arabian Coffee
Exotic Banana
Exotic Blackberry
Exotic Blackgrape
Exotic Blue Mist
Exotic Blueberry
Exotic Blueberry Grape
Exotic Canataloupe
Exotic Cappuccino
Exotic Caramel Apple
Exotic Cherry
Exotic Chocolate Mint
Exotic Chocolate Strawberry
Exotic Citrus Mint
Exotic Citrus Mist (Gummy Bear)
Exotic Classic Mojito
Exotic Coconut
Exotic Cosmopolitan
Exotic Code 69
Exotic Coco Jumbo
Exotic Fuzzy Navel
Exotic Fuzzy Lemonade
Exotic Flower Power
Exotic Hard Rush
Exotic Honeyberry
Exotic Kiwi Strawberry
Exotic Lebanese Bomb Shell
Exotic Lemon Mint
Exotic Mango
Exotic Melon Blue
Exotic Orange
Exotic Passion Fruit Mojito
Exotic Passion Kiss
Exotic Peaches N Cream
Exotic Pina Colada
Exotic Pineapple
Exotic Pink
Exotic Pirates Cave
Exotic Plum
Exotic Pomberry
Exotic Pomegranate
Exotic Pumpkin Pie
Exotic Raspberry
Exotic Rose
Exotic Royal Grape
Exotic Safari Melon Dew
Exotic Sex on the Beach
Exotic Sour Apple
Exotic Spearmint
Exotic Strawberry
Exotic Strawberry Daiquiri
Exotic Strawberry Margarita
Exotic Sweet Apple
Exotic Sweet Melon
Exotic Tangerine Dream
Exotic Tequila Sunrise
Exotic Tropical Fruit
Exotic U.F.O.
Exotic Vanilla
Exotic Watermelon
Exotic White Grape
Exotic White Peach
Exotic Wild Mint
Exotic Wildberry
Exotic Wildberry Mint
Exotic Winter Fresh
Exotic Christmas Mix
Exotic Cosmo Power *BOLD*
Exotic Code Blue *BOLD*
Exotic Peach Queen *BOLD*
Exotic Pink Lady *BOLD*
Exotic Queen of Sex *BOLD*
Exotic Tropicool *BOLD*

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